Wednesday, April 9, 2008

sushi with the frog

This originated over at Impolitic Eye, but I decided it would be fun to break out a whole new medium for our stuffed friend...


For the next week, Banana and I are responsible for Freddie the Frog. It is our sworn duty to care well for the frog and show him an exciting week. And that week must be documented in a journal.

We decided to start Freddie's week off right. He went with us and two other families to Carytown Sushi for dinner. While the kids ate their edamame, age tofu, and sashimi, Freddie went to town with insect gyoza and grasshopper rolls. He also held his own with a couple glasses of unfiltered sake.

Even though it was already pushing nine o'clock on a school night, we decided to carry on the welcome party next door at Bev's Ice Cream. The kids put away Richmond's best ice cream, and Freddie shared Banana's mint chocolate chip.

Unfortunately, Bev's does not put food coloring in their ice cream which kept the ice cream from matching the frog.


ed. note: Credit for the pictures goes to Amy N. whose kids were (and are often) part of the grand mayhem. I will not, however, add her last name, per a recent lesson I learned about full names on blogs.

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